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Burn Patient Resources and Education

Leaving the hospital after a burn injury

You will receive your own copy of Your Guide to the Oregon Burn Center.  You will also get additional education and resources about your care. Please read your information carefully and ask if you have any questions. 

Your social worker will meet with you to arrange your discharge - either to go home or to a rehabilitation facility depending on your needs. Together we will create a plan to meet your goals for a safe discharge. This plan will include:

Follow-up appointments:

Legacy Emanuel Chronic Wound and Outpatient Burn Clinic 

Surgical and Burn Specialists
503-288-7535 (Emanuel campus)
503-692-0444 (Meridian Park campus)


Dressing instructions

Caring for wounds after leaving the hospital is important for burn patients. If you don’t care for the wound, it may not heal properly or become infected.
Follow these directions to change the dressings over wounds.

  • Remove the old dressing and wash with soap and water
  • Look at the area before placing a new dressing.  Any redness and swelling should be improving.  If there is new redness and swelling, this could be a sign of infection.  
  • Additional signs of infection include: Elevated temperature, foul smelling drainage from the wound, and generally not feeling well.  You should contact your physician if you notice any of these symptoms.

Silvadene is a cream used on burns wounds to prevent the growth of bacteria on the damaged skin. Here is how to change a Silvadene bandage:

  • Gather your supplies and set up before you do anything else.
  • Clean the wound completely with soap and water daily before new Silvadene application
  • Saturate the gauze with Silvadene, as instructed by your nurse
  • Wrap with Kerlix

Xeroform gauze is a dressing that does not stick to the wound and is typically used for less severe burns. You should use it with an antibiotic ointment such as Polysporin.  Here is how to change a Xeroform bandage:

  • Apply a liberal layer of antibiotic ointment to the area
  • Apply a single layer of Xerform. Do not wrap in in double layers
  • Wrap with Kerlix or Conform gauze