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Brain Tumor Treatment Options

Legacy Cancer Institute is transforming brain tumor treatment with our clinical trials, minimally invasive brain surgery and ultra-precise radiation that only takes one day - Gamma Knife stereotactic radiosurgery. Gamma Knife is often a treatment option for metastatic brain cancer and complex, deep-seated tumors such as gliomas.

More choice for brain tumor patients

With Gamma Knife, Legacy Cancer Institute offers an important option to adult and pediatric patients. It is ultra-precise, to help protect the healthy parts of the brain. Legacy Gamma Knife Center offers patients comprehensive support during and after treatment, including stress management, massage, nutrition advice and survivorship services.

Call for a consultation with our Gamma Knife specialist: 503-413-7135.

BrainPath, a new minimally invasive surgery, helps preserve brain function by protecting the brain's white matter — the part used for short-term memory and tasks such as three-dimensional vision and distinguishing left from right.

  1. Our specialists

    Kee AndrewRadiation oncologist Andrew Kee, MD, specializes in Gamma Knife stereotactic radiosurgery and other extremely precise radiation oncology technologies. Dr. Kee is a medical director for Legacy Cancer Institute's radiation oncology centers and for Legacy Gamma Knife Center.

    He meets with brain tumor patients who are interested in this type of treatment to review their situation, and determine whether treatment with the Gamma Knife is an option.

    If so, and the patient chooses it, Dr. Kee will develop a treatment plan, and along with a neurosurgeon, is present during the Gamma Knife procedure. Legacy has a team of neurosurgeons who are specially trained on the Gamma Knife.

     Read more about Dr. Kee, and see a short video, here.

  2. About Legacy Cancer Institute

    Expect to receive top-rated, award-winning cancer care. Legacy Cancer Institute ranks among the nation's best cancer programs, according to the American College of Surgeons' (ACS) Commission on Cancer. We are also the only health system in Oregon to receive the Commission's Outstanding Achievement Award.

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    An entire team devoted to caring for you

    At Legacy, we care for the whole person — physically, emotionally, socially and spiritually. To help you maintain the best quality of life, we offer many additional services that complement traditional care. Some of these services are:

    • Massage therapy
    • Physical therapy
    • Acupuncture
    • Stress management and meditation
    • Art therapy
    • Healing gardens and horticultural therapy
    • Personalized survivorship plan


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  3. Neuro-rehabilitation

    Rehabilitation for brain tumor patients is especially important for recovery. Legacy offers specialized expertise in this area for brain cancer patients. Our comprehensive team of expert therapists that will look after your physical, communication and independent living needs. The team, lead by our board-certified doctors, works closely with you, your family and your doctors to establish your own personal goals. Our therapists will help you achieve your highest level of functional goals, so you can return to life in the community.

    Learn more about our outpatient neuro-rehabilitation services