Breast cancer treatment options

After diagnosis, the first step is to determine if, and how far, the disease has spread. Then we'll create a personalized treatment plan that may include:


Legacy was the first in the region to offer brachytherapy, a more targeted, precise and limited radiation therapy that can often be completed in a single visit. Our radiation oncologists have the most experience of any Oregon health care hospital or health system with brachytherapy, which results in excellent outcomes for our patients.

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Our leading breast surgeons include the nationally known and locally loved Nathalie Johnson, M.D., and her partners Jennifer Garreau, M.D., and Alivia Cetas, M.D.

  • Learn more about their practice, which provides special support and comfort for breast cancer patients: Legacy Medical Group-Surgical Oncology.


Chemotherapy is offered at five Legacy campuses across the Portland-Vancouver metro area, so you can stay close to home during your treatment. Your medical oncologist will determine if chemotherapy is right for you. Legacy is proud to partner with OHSU Knight Cancer Institute medical oncologists, whose clinics are on our hospital campuses.

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Genetic counseling and screening

Sometimes breast cancer has a genetic component. These can influence treatment choices and decisions. Genetic screening may also provide information about your personal risk for other cancers, which can then be discussed with your genetic counselor and doctor.

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Clinical trials

Legacy Cancer Institute conducts a number of ongoing clinical trials and research into breast cancer. If you think you might be interested in participating in a clinical trial, it's important to research your options before you begin treatment or choose a doctor. Here's why: 

  • Clinical trials may only be available at certain locations
  • You might be a possible candidate for a clinical trial, so it's important to have a doctor who is part of a cancer program or health care system that offers trials
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Metastatic cancer

Sometimes breast cancer can spread to the brain (metastases). For these patients, Legacy Cancer Institute offers Gamma Knife stereotactic radiosurgery (knifeless brain surgery) — the gold standard treatment for brain metastases. We also offer special support services for patients with metastatic cancer.

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