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Quality indicators for breast cancer care

Quality can and should be measured

Through the accreditation process, quality is measured by compliance with standards. These standards are developed by national experts in breast cancer. They measure how well a program delivers the treatments that are proven to work the best.

The table below shows the percent of the time our program meets or exceeds the highest national standards.

See these numbers in a bar chart.

Legacy Cancer Institute outperforms its peers in key treatment areas

For women with breast cancer

Legacy Cancer Institute

Pacific Region CoC Programs

All CoC Programs

NAPBC program standard 
Needle/core biopsy is performed prior to surgical treatment for breast cancer  100%  Not available  Not available 100% 

Radiation therapy administered within 1 year of diagnosis for women under age 70 receiving breast conserving surgery





Combination chemotherapy considered or administered within 4 months of diagnosis for women under age 70 with AJCCTlc, Stage II or III hormone receptor negative breast cancer





Tamoxifen or third generation aromatase inhibitor considered or administered within 1 year of diagnosis for women with AJCCTlc, Stage ll or lll hormone receptor positive breast cancer





The most recent ACoS CoC quality indicators, showing how Legacy ranks against our peers. Table shows the proportion of breast cancer patients treated according to nationally recognized standards of care. (National data is the most recent available, 2011.) Legacy data is from 11/17/2013.