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Breast cancer clinical trials

Featured trial

A new clinical trial that could prevent recurrence in women who have survived triple negative or who have had lymph node involvement: Legacy Good Samaritan is one of only 20 hospitals across the United States to take part in the study and the only one in the Pacific Northwest.

This research trial combines Herceptin, a drug that is used to treat other types of breast cancer, and E75, a peptide-based vaccine aimed at preventing or delaying the recurrence of breast cancer in cancer survivors who achieve remission after surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy.

Eligibility criteria

  • Legacy Cancer Institute patients who are disease-free and recently completed the standard course of treatment at Legacy Good Samaritan Medical Center, including surgery from Legacy Medical Group—Surgical Oncology
  • Diagnosed with triple negative or lymph-node positive breast cancer of any subtype
  • Women 18 and older

Legacy Cancer Institute enters the study in Phase II after results from Phase I showed a 50 percent reduction in recurrence for patients with triple negative breast cancer.  Survivors of lymph node positive breast cancer are also eligible to take part in the study.  Phase II trials are placebo-controlled studies conducted to determine the effectiveness, side-effects, and potential risks of a new drug that is in development.  Phase III trials would follow a much larger group of patients if this trial is successful.

Talk with your Legacy doctor if you are interested in this, or other clinical trials.

Other trials

SWOG S1207: This trial is studying whether a drug called Everolimus makes hormone therapy more effective at delaying or preventing cancer recurrence. Eligible patients must be prescribed hormone therapy for ER/PR positive breast cancer and be at high risk for recurrence. Everolimus or placebo is provided by a pharmaceutical partner.

Legacy Cancer Institute offers additional trials for cancer patients. 

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