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Cancer Support Groups and Classes

Legacy Cancer Institute provides a range of cancer support groups and classes to help you and your family through the diagnosis, treatment and recovery of cancer. These provide ongoing education, activities and emotional support for individuals whose lives are touched by cancer. Our holistic approach sets us apart, because we understand that you have a life, not just a diagnosis.

Click here for the full list and details of free cancer classes, programs and support groups for January – July 2018 and how to register.

Classes are offered at a variety of times and locations.

Movement, exercise and mind/body classes


  • Mindfulness and Meditation
  • Coping with Cancer Related Fatigue
  • Meals That Heal: Incorporating Cancer-Fighting Foods into Your Diet
  • Gardening Workshop for Individuals with Cancer
  • Nature Walk and Stenzel Healing Garden Tour
  • Look Good, Feel Better

Expressive Arts

  • Expressions of Healing: Art and Community
  • Felting Workshop
  • Finding Center: Art Making for Mindfulness and Stress Reduction
  • Words for Healing: A Writing Workshop Series for Women Healing from Cancer

Movement and Exercise

  • Step into Fitness: A Nutrition and Exercise Program
  • Pilates for Individuals with Cancer
  • Qi Gong/T'ai Chi for Individuals with Cancer
  • Yoga for Individuals with Cancer
  • Bodies in Balance

*Before attending a movement or exercise class, please have your doctor fill out a Physician Release Form. Bring the completed form with you to your first class.

See the full list and descriptions of free cancer classes, programs and support groups for patients and their families here.

Cancer support groups

Legacy sponsors a range of support groups for those dealing with the effects of cancer and most groups are open to family and friends. The support groups listed below are held at Legacy Good Samaritan Medical Center.