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Fusion biopsy

A new option to detect prostate cancer 

A new procedure designed to make biopsies more accurate, called fusion biopsy, is now available at Legacy Good Samaritan Medical Center. With this improved imaging, our doctors can:

  • visualize the prostate in higher definition
  • more accurately direct the biopsy needle into specific areas
  • more accurately identify the presence of cancer
  • recommend less invasive treatment options that would curb harmful side effects such as erectile dysfunction and loss of urinary control

Fusion biopsy also reduces the likelihood that additional biopsies will be required and provides men with the option of a new kind of therapy called targeted focal therapy (TFT). TFT specifically treats the cancerous areas while sparing surrounding healthy tissue, thereby reducing negative impact on sexual function and urinary control, which can be associated with more invasive treatments.

Fusion biopsy is recommended for men who have previously had negative biopsies with conventional techniques or if they have a small volume of cancer present on the MRI and they are interested in TFT.

Our prostate cancer specialists offering fusion biopsy:

Michael Kaempf, M.D., Urologist and Surgeon
Bruce Lowe, M.D., Urologist and Surgeon
Gregory McCoy, M.D., Urologist and Surgeon 
Sajal Dutta, M.D., Urologist and Surgeon
Jeffrey LaRochelle, M.D., Urologist and Surgeon
Michael Lavelle, M.D., Urologist and Surgeon
Jessica Lubahn, M.D., Urologist and Surgeon
Kevin McEvoy, M.D., Urologist and Surgeon     
Daniel Miller, M.D., Urologist and Surgeon
Stanley Myers, M.D., Urologist and Surgeon



Precisely locating prostate cancer with new biopsy procedure