What to expect with Gamma Knife

The treatment

We fit the patient with a stereotactic frame, which prevents movement of the head during treatment. Once we have the frame in place, we calculate precise settings. You rest on a special couch that moves into the Gamma Knife, positioning the head for treatment.

The Gamma Knife is non-surgical, which means it is done without opening the skull. The treatment usually happens in one day. It takes 15–40 minutes and is performed with local anesthesia.


Gamma Knife

Picture of Gamma Knife

No pain or side effects

You will feel virtually no pain or immediate side effects. The treatment works over time; the tumors dissolve or shrink gradually and eventually disappear. Other tumors do not grow any more. The time needed for treatment to work varies with the type, size and location of the tumor.

Lower expenses

Gamma Knife helps patients avoid many of the costs associated with surgery. That is because the treatment does not require a long hospital stay or recovery.