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Your radiation oncology team

A team approach for the best care

When you receive radiation treatment at Legacy Cancer Institute, a whole team of specialists works together for you, to develop your personal treatment plan and help you manage symptoms and side effects. We coordinate your care and your appointments to make it as easy as possible on you and your family.

Our nurses, therapists and social workers help you manage the physical, emotional and practical effects of cancer on you and your family.


  • “Patients develop really close relationships with us. They view us as friends, and they often come back just to visit after their treatment. I think that is a testament to the warmth of the staff.”

    Kathryn Panwala, M.D., radiation oncologist
    Legacy Cancer Institute

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    Kathy Panwala

Your team of radiation oncology specialists

Your treatment is lead by a radiation oncologist, a board-certified physician who specialize in treating cancer with radiation. Read up on and see a video introduction of our radiation oncologists:


The other specialists on your care team include:

  • Radiation oncology nurse — A registered nurse who has special training and certification in cancer care related to radiation therapy
  • Radiation therapist — A specially trained technician who administers the radiation treatment
  • Radiation physicist and medical dosimetrist — Specialists who work with the physician to create an individualized radiation treatment plan for each patient. They also calculate the radiation doses and monitor the treatment equipment through our rigorous quality assurance program.
  • Oncology social worker — Our oncology-certified social worker meets with patients and their families to discuss support services and counseling and makes referrals as appropriate.
  • Dietitian – Our oncology-certified registered dietitian, with experience working with cancer patients, will help you eat to feel better, get stronger, and manage the side effects of cancer and its treatment.


Patients receiving radiation treatment on the Legacy Good Samaritan campus also benefit from the special support and services of our oncology-trained massage therapist and stress management therapist.

Legacy Cancer Healing Center

All Legacy Cancer Institute patients also have access to the special symptom management and survivorship services offered at the Legacy Cancer Healing Center. We have a nurse practitioner and specialist in cancer survivorship and integrative (complementary) treatment who helps patients and families manage the symptoms of cancer and with healing.

Learn more about Legacy Cancer Healing Center.