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Lung Screening Program Details

Lung cancer screening consists of a low-dose (low radiation) CT scan every year, for three years. Before your first scan, you'll meet with our nurse practitioner to talk over the screening program, and make sure it's right for you.

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A single visit

First, you will meet with a nurse practitioner to discuss how the screening works, including the chances that your scan will show something suspicious. If it does, more tests will be needed. Most often, these suspicious spots are not cancer, but should be checked regularly.

After your visit, you will go directly to the radiology department for the CT scan. We use the most advanced CT scanner, a low-dose 128-slice CT, that shows the tiniest details.

Fast follow-up

If the doctor does see something, you will be told within 3 working days. Your results will automatically be sent to your primary care doctor.

You will get reminders in the mail for your future screening appointments.

Experts specializing in lung cancer

The lung CT scans are read by radiologists who specialize in reading chest images, and who are fellowship-trained in thoracic (chest cavity) radiology. They work closely with our pulmonologists, experts in the lungs. All the doctors in our screening program have special training and experience looking at images of your lungs, interpreting the results, and providing any follow-up care that you may need.

Lung Cancer Alliance Screening Center of Excellence sealWe are designated as a Center of Excellence by the Lung Cancer Alliance, and rank among the nation's best cancer programs based on our outcomes for patients and the quality of our care.


More and more insurance plans, including Medicare, cover lung cancer screening. Our staff can help you with this. 

If your insurance won't pay for it, let us know. You may be eligible for financial help. If your first screening CT scan shows something, and more tests are needed, these will be covered by insurance - even if your insurance didn't cover the initial screening. (Depending on your plan, you may be required to pay a co-pay or co-insurance.) 

Our location and phone number

Legacy Good Samaritan Medical Center, Comprehensive Cancer Center

1015 NW 22nd Ave, Lower level

Portland, OR 97210

Phone: 503-413-8050


Our providers

Phillip Baker, MD, radiologist

Andrew Cox, MD, radiologist

Jordan Fein, MD, pulmonologist, Legacy lung cancer program medical director

Allison Pearl, MD, radiologist