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Pancreatic Cancer Screening

Pancreatic cancer usually does not cause any symptoms until it is advanced and has spread outside the pancreas. Imaging studies for people at high risk can identify pancreatic cancer early, before there are symptoms and when it is more likely to be successfully treated.

Who is at high risk for pancreatic cancer?

People at high risk for pancreatic cancer include those with:

  • A family history of two or more close family members with pancreatic cancer
  • Certain known gene mutations (see the FAQ for a full list)
  • Chronic pancreatitis with scarring of the pancreas (no genetic counseling needed)
  • Mucinous pancreatic cysts (no genetic counseling needed)

How does screening work?

In most cases, the first step is a consultation with a genetics counselor who reviews your health history. The counselor may recommend genetic testing. 

If you have chronic pancreatitis with scarring or mucinous pancreatic cysts, talk with your doctor about a referral to Saad Jazrawi, MD, the medical director of our screening program.

  • Make an appointment with Legacy Genetics Services: 503-413-6534
  • Learn more about Legacy Genetics Services
  • Download a FAQ about pancreatic cancer screening
  • Make an appointment with Saad Jazrawi, MD for pancreatic screening: 503-229-7137