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Prostate Cancer Screening

There is continuing controversy around PSA testing for prostate cancer. Legacy Cancer Institute recommends that men over age 40 with an expected lifespan of 10 or more years discuss screening with their doctors.

Things to discuss with your doctor:

  • The known risks and the possible benefits of screening tests
  • Your family history of prostate cancer
  • Your race and how that impacts your risk
  • Results of any previous PSA tests
  • Results of any prior biopsies


Other things to consider:

  • Not all prostate cancer tumors need treatment. Options include simple monitoring.
  • The amount of serious prostate cancer detected with the PSA test is unknown
  • A PSA test does not distinguish between slow-growing and more aggressive cancers
  • A variety of factors can affect PSA levels including an enlarged prostate, infection, trauma and prostate cancer

Read more about Legacy's screening recommendations.

Other organization's screening recommendations:

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