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What's Getting Into You?

Did you know … a common sunscreen ingredient may actually be increasing your risk of getting breast cancer? Some U.S. beauty products contain chemicals banned in Europe because of their links to cancer? Teen girls may be risking their health and fertility with their cosmetic choices?

Watch these short videos to learn about epigenetics - how our environment affects our genes, now and for generations - as well as how our race, the food we eat and common chemicals may be increasing our risk for cancer. Also, to learn more about these topics:


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Jennifer Garreau, MD, is a Legacy Cancer Institute surgical oncologist specializing in breast cancer and melanoma (skin cancer). Dr. Garreau has earned awards for her research in melanoma and breast cancer. She seeks to improve the lives of people with these cancers and works in health education and cancer prevention. 

In this series of short videos, she explains the science of epigenetics, or how our personal environments influence how our genes express themselves, as well as how chemicals commonly found in our food, cosmetics and personal care products may increase our risk of breast and other cancers.

To help you ensure the personal care and household products you use are safe, and to learn about improving your environment, check out these resources: