Laser Vision Services (LASIK)

  • Steven's story

    "I was trained in mountain search and rescue. Without my glasses, though, I was helpless. [After LASIK] it's freedom from your glasses."

    -- Steven Fraser, Legacy Devers Eye Institute patient

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    Steve F

Laser vision correction at Legacy Devers

State of the art technology

Legacy Devers Eye Institute, world-renowned for eye care and research, now offers laser vision correction using state-of-the art IntraLASIK technology (iLASIK).

If you have questions about laser vision correction, please call Kelsey Oakes, Lasik Coordinator at 503-413-6540 or email Kelsey Oakes at koakes@lhs.org

LASIK is eye surgery that permanently changes the shape of the cornea in order to improve vision and reduce a person's dependency on glasses or contact lenses. IntraLASIK (iLASIK) technology is considered so safe and effective that it's used by NASA for astronauts and by the U.S. military for combat forces.

The chance of having a vision-reducing complication after this procedure is less than one percent, and 90% of patients are legal to drive the next day.

Skill you can depend on

Technology is only as good as the professionals who employ it. At Legacy Devers Eye Institute-Laser Vision Services, iLASIK surgery is performed by ophthalmologists who are also cornea fellowship-trained specialists.

All pre- and post-operative screening is done by trained corneal specialists.

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