Thorny Issues Conference 2014

Legacy Devers Eye Institute's annual conference Thorny Issues in Ophthalmology:  Goes to the Movies!, was held on September 19 and 20, 2013.  Focus areas included:  Cosmetic oculoplastic techniques; risks and benefits of microinvasive glaucoma surgery; ocular trauma diagnosis and treatment; hyphema management and ruptured globe surgery; diagnosis and surgical treatment for patients suffering from epiphora; history and glimpse of the future for corneal transplantation; and, the differences between generations of doctors and their different approaches to patient care changes in health care, neuro-ophthalmology, glaucoma, cornea and uveitis.  

Presentation slides

Corneal Conundrums, by Mark A. Terry, MD

Live and Let Die: Will Gold Fingerlings Tell Us Precisely Where Glaucomatous Axon Injury Occurs?, by Brad A. Fortune, OD, Ph.D.

Glaucoma Case Presentations, by Steven L. Mansberger, M.D., MPH

Oculoplastics Guide to Hollywood Plastic Surgery, by Don O. Kikkawa, MD

Corneal Tomography, by David S. Rootman, MD, FRCSC

Extreme Makeover, by Don O. Kikkawa, M.D.

Coming Attractions in Pediatric Ophthalmology, by Shawn Goodman, MD

Corneal Transplantation:  25 Years of Transplantation, by David S. Rootman, MD, FRCSC