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Advanced stroke care at Legacy Emanuel

Legacy Emanuel provides around-the-clock stroke care for the most serious strokes, including ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke. That means that a stroke team is on hand 24/7: neurologists, neurosurgeons and neurointerventionalists all specializing in treating stroke patients and helping them begin their recovery.

Minimizing brain damage


Legacy Emanuel, an accredited Comprehensive Stroke Center, specializes in minimally invasive ways of treating the causes of stroke - blood clots, aneurysms and hardening of the arteries. Research shows that patients benefit from a faster recovery, with less brain damage, than with surgical treatments. This is because proper blood flow is restored without harming surrounding brain tissue. 

Legacy Emanuel offers these neurointerventional procedures 24/7.

Maximizing recovery

  • Specially trained nurses care for stroke patients in a state-of-the-art neuro-intensive care unit. The unit has the most comprehensive brain monitoring equipment in the region, so doctors can see and respond to even the tiniest changes in the brain activity.
  • Rehabilitation begins while the patient is still in the hospital. Physical, occupational and speech therapists work with patients to help them get back to life in the community. Learn more about rehabilitation after stroke, and Legacy Rehabilitation Institute of Oregon.
  • Personalized discharge plans, education and support groups help patients make the transition from hospital, to rehabilitation and home.