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Womens Services

Infant Safety & Security

We care deeply about your family's safety-that's why Legacy hospitals have electronic security systems and other precautions in place to protect infants and children. Please help us by following these guidelines:

  • Never leave your baby unsupervised, even if you're just taking a shower. The nurses will watch the baby for you if needed, and babies will be attended while in the nursery.
  • Don't give your baby to anyone without proper verified hospital identification. Anyone asking to take your baby from you should have Legacy Women's Services picture ID. You or a family member always have the right to accompany your infant out of your room.
  • Feel free to ask questions about routine nursing procedures, feeding, visiting hours and security measures.
  • If an unfamiliar person enters your room or inquires about your baby, even if they're in hospital attire or seem to have a reason for being there, ask to see their picture ID. If you're uncomfortable about them, alert your nurse immediately.
  • Find out where your baby will be taken for tests, how long the tests will take and who authorized them.
  • Please don't let visitors carry your infant in the hallway. As a safety precaution, our nursing staff has been directed to question anyone who is carrying a baby.