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Happy Birthday Baby

Happy Birthday Baby!

We hope you have enjoyed the first year of your child's life. This next year will hold many milestones and memories. Prepare for an exciting year. Read on for a preview of things to come, as well as tips for keeping your child safe and healthy eating.


Your child will begin to:

  • Become more independent
  • Imitate what they see
  • Explore
  • Recognize themselves in a mirror
  • Follow instructions and demonstrate some defiant behavior
  • Become shy with strangers
  • Play games
  • Respond to simple spoken requests, and say "mama" or "dada"
  • Sit up on their own and maybe even stand


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Your child is on the move! Follow this advice to help keep them safe.

  • Don't leave your child alone or near water
  • Block off stairs
  • Keep small appliances out of reach
  • Turn pot handles toward the back of the stove
  • Cover electrical outlets
  • Keep appliances, sharp objects, medicines, cleaners and poisons out of reach
  • Don't leave your child alone in any vehicle
  • Make sure you are using your child's car seat correctly! Register for a free car seat safety check


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Now is the time to pave the way for a lifetime of healthy eating for your child. Start forming healthy habits.

  • Encourage your child to eat during mealtime
  • Help them learn how to feed themselves
  • Give them three meals, spaced evenly throughout the day, with two to three snacks
  • Avoid small, hard foods that can cause choking, such as nuts, popcorn, hot dogs, grapes and raw veggies


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