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Welcome Baby

Congratulations on your new arrival. We wish you and your baby happiness and health.

No doubt you have questions about how to care for your newborn and becoming a parent. You're not alone. A leader in children's health care, Legacy Health offers opportunities for you to join other parents while getting answers to any questions you may have.


Feeding Your Baby


Social time and classes for you and baby

  • Baby and Me social and play time -- Happy or sad, good day or bad, you and your baby are welcome in this safe and supportive environment. Bring your questions and stories to share with other new parents.  
  • Parenting: The First Three Years -- Enjoy specialized support and education with this series, led by a professional parent educator:
    • Incredible INFANTs -- Learn how to care for yourself so you can care for your newborn, and discover ways to have fun with your baby, keep them safe, and help them grow and develop.
    • Wonderful ONEs -- Find ways to manage a walking and climbing toddler, practice routines, and prevent meltdowns and accidents!
    • Terrific TWOs -- Gather information about temperament, discipline, learning and safety.
  • Feeding and nutrition -- Learn about breastfeeding from certified feeding specialists and specialized nursing staff who work together with your physician or midwife to give you the best possible mother and infant care.

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