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Womens Services

Centering Pregnancy


All the nurse-midwives at Legacy Medical Group-Midwifery are CenteringPregnancy-certified. The "Centering" model provides health care, education and support in a group setting.

CenteringPregnancy lets you share your pregnancy with other expectant moms during 10 two-hour small group sessions led by a midwife and co-facilitator. In these group sessions, you will receive prenatal care, education and social support. You'll also enjoy a community of expectant mothers, more relaxed time with your provider, and an opportunity to talk about pregnancy, birth, parenting and feeding your baby.

"I enjoyed learning from other moms in the same phase of pregnancy as me."

Benefits for moms and babies

Data from CenteringPregnancy shows decreased rates of preterm birth and low-birth weight babies, as well as high patient satisfaction. In December 2011, our CenteringPregnancy program became a Centering Healthcare Institute -approved site.

For more information

  • For more information, visit the website of the Centering Healthcare Institute.
  • To ask about CenteringPreganancy at Legacy, please call us at 503-413-4500 or 1-888-784-2505.