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Ultrasound screening

Ultrasound is used throughout pregnancy to get detailed pictures of your fetus and the surrounding structures. In the second or third trimester, ultrasound is like a "fetal physical exam." The majority of structural birth defects can be seen with ultrasound. To schedule an ultrasound screening, ask your obstetrician or primary care doctor for a referral.

Legacy Medical Group - Maternal-Fetal Medicine offers expertise in ultrasound as well as other pre-natal screening, and in various pregnancy complications. 

Transabdominal vs transvaginal ultrasound

Most ultrasound screenings are performed via abdominal skin surface, but in some cases this approach would not produce the optimal detail and a vaginal scan would be better. Examples include imaging a very early pregnancy, attempting details of fetal structures very close to the mother's cervix, and measuring the cervical length when there is a concern of cervical shortening.


Obstetrical ultrasound has never been shown to have a detrimental impact on a growing baby. Our clinic only performs diagnostic ultrasound if there is a clinical necessity and we attempt to obtain the needed information as efficiently as possible.