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Who Should Have One

Who should have an ultrasound screening?

For all pregnant women

Legacy Maternal-Fetal Medicine recommends that all pregnant women have at least one ultrasound at around 20 weeks to look at fetal growth and anatomy. Even if there are no known risk factors, sometimes all the organs and parts of a baby do not form properly. The majority of birth defects can be seen with ultrasound, and other signs of problems can be assessed. 

You will receive the results of your ultrasound before leaving our office, and if a problem is found or detected, you'll receive detailed information and the option of genetic counseling.                      

For certain pregnant women

We recommend a detailed ultrasound and genetic counseling for women who:

  • Will be 35 or older at the time of their delivery, or 32 with a twin pregnancy
  • Have had a previous child (or fetus) with a chromosomal problem
  • Have had an increased risk for a problem identified by a screening test
  • Are a known carrier of a genetic problem or chromosomal rearrangement (mother or father)
  • Have a family history of a genetic or structural problem in a child
  • Have findings or suspected findings on an ultrasound
  • Are at increased risk for carrying certain genetic conditions based on their ethnic background