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Current Family Education Programs

As the need arises, Trauma Nurses Talk Tough develops new programs with collaborative partners.

Bike Wheels to Steering Wheels - This curriculum for middle school students and science classes links science and safety by exploring how Newton's Laws connect with traffic safety principles.

Family Driver Education - Developed for Parent Night to meet the ODOT requirement for parent involvement and offered to driver's education teachers.

Graduated Driver’s Licensing Workshops  - A free 3-hour workshop for high school freshman and sophomores, licensed or not, with their parents. The focus is on familiarizing youth and their parents with the graduated licensing law (GDL) and other traffic laws, teaching them how to use the laws effectively.

Minor in Possession, Adult/Purveyor Furnishing - A class for:

  • Youth under 18 accompanied by parent
  • Youth over 18
  • Adult/Purveyor Furnishers

Who have been cited in juvenile or adult court for:

  • Minor in Possession (MIP)
  • Open container
  • Other drug related offenses

The class includes education about the science supporting a legal drinking age of 21,  and the consequences of making bad choices while under the influence, furnishing alcohol to a minor, or service industry non-compliance citations.