Our board-certified vascular surgeons provide comprehensive acute and chronic vascular disease management, including the latest in open and minimally invasive care for patients with arterial and venous disorders. Conditions treated include carotid disease, aneurysms, peripheral vascular disease, varicose veins and vascular trauma.

Our services

Our services range from painless, non-invasive vascular diagnostic testing to screen for the most common, life-threatening vasuclar diseases, to the advanced technology in our on-site vascular lab to determine the blood flow reaching vital organs and limbs, blockages or abnormalities within the heart, arteries of the neck, arms, legs and abdomen.

  • Balloon angioplasty, stenting and surgery for carotid disease
  • Stent-grafting and surgery for aortic aneurysms and ruptured aneurysms
  • Balloon angioplasty, stenting and surgery of mesenteric and renal vessels
  • Balloon angioplasty, stenting and endovascular atherectomy (Silver Hawk) and surgery for peripheral vascular disease (PVD) (claudication, limb ischemia, ulcers)
  • Cordis Carotid System — a minimally invasive treatment for carotid artery disease, as an alternative to the more invasive carotid endarterectomy.
  • Minimally invasive in-office venous procedures:
    • Laser/microphlebectomy for varicose veins and venous disease
    • Endovenous laser ablation for saphenous vein insufficiency related to varicose veins
    • Surface laser treatment and sclerotherapy for small varicose veins
  • Complex arterial and venous reconstructive surgery
  • Painless, non-invasive vascular diagnostic testing
  • Complete diagnostic arterial and venous angiography


Our providers


Legacy Medical Group-Vascular

Marcos Barnatan, M.D.

Corrie Doyle, PA-C

Matthew Foley, M.D.

Carber Huang, M.D., RVT

Alexander Nicoloff, M.D.

Judah Gold-Markel, PC-C


Legacy's physician network also includes a number of vascular specialists in private practice throughout the Portland–Vancouver area. Among them:

Jason Bauer, M.D., RVT

Michael Pfister, M.D., RVT

Howard Sill, M.D., RPVI