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Weight Management

  • Patient testimonial

    "I’m very glad I took the class. All earlier attempts at weight loss, even well organized ones, were fraught with pressure and never successful for any length of time. Live It! succeeds. My weight loss has been slow, but steady. Recording my meals and exercise has kept me alert and focused. I will be sorry when it is over."

    - Live It patient, Legacy Weight and Diabetes Institute

  • Patient testimonial

    "It didn't take long for the members to feel a real connection to each other. I feel like I made a lot of valuable and supportive friends there. The monthly groups after have introduced me to even more people who have the same thing in common: 'diets just don't work and there's a healthy, effective, alternative way' to do it."

    - Live It patient, Legacy Weight and Diabetes Institute

  • Patient Testimonial

    "The Live It! program is a safe path to better health and well-being. We found a circle of support that will be ongoing. We are not alone. We learned greater self-acceptance and a more positive outlook about our bodies, regardless of where we are in our journey."

    - Live It! patient, Legacy Weight and Diabetes Institute

To truly be successful losing weight, you need to find the approach that is right for you. From special support to a complete program, Legacy Weight and Diabetes Institute offers options to help you realize your goals.

Live It! -- A comprehensive program 

Are you ready to step off the dieting rollercoaster and discover a different path to health and happiness? Legacy Weight and Diabetes Institute offers a non-dieting approach to weight management and health.

Live It! is a dynamic six-month, weekly program to explore the physical, mental and emotional aspects of managing your weight. The program is designed to help you learn long-term changes to support life-long weight management and better health. The goal of the program is to educate, problem-solve and provide support for making difficult behavior and lifestyle changes. The program does not include a special diet, but a modification of current eating habits. You will achieve this by nutrition education, examining triggers for overeating and learning to enjoy foods while finding a calorie balance that allows for healthy weight management.

You will meet with a group of 15-20 people weekly, led by our clinic staff. In the group, you will receive support and learn from our experts. Each week, you will have small homework assignments to help you practice what you have learned and be successful in living a healthier life. The ultimate goal is improved physical and emotional health. Most people will only achieve a modest weight loss, but can have significant improvements in quality of life and health.

While enrolled in the program, you can make individual counseling appointments with our Institute's professionals. To help you maintain your new, healthy lifestyle, you can attend our institute's monthly meetings even after you complete the program. New groups start every few months.

Find your path to a healthy weight. For more information, call 503-413-7557.

Special support 

Choose from individual appointments, group programs, or a combination - many options are available.

We offer a variety of approaches to meet your needs for long-term weight management and lifestyle behavior change. 

Long-term weight management is about more than just nutrition knowledge and exercise. We also focus on the physical, emotional, and behavioral aspects of weight and overall health. We offer support and coaching from a group of experts who will teach you the skills to identify and overcome barriers to meet your goals. Whether you have a little or a lot to lose, our expert team of physical therapists, psychologists and dietitians can tailor a program to meet your needs.

  • Our physical therapists know how pain or other medical conditions may limit activity. We can work with you to help you become more active, safely. 
  • Our dietitians know the nutritional needs of patients with diabetes, pre-diabetes, high blood pressure and other medical problems associated with being overweight.
  • Our psychologists can help identify and resolve issues that affect your ability to successfully manage your weight.

Let us help you reach your goals. For more information, call 503-413-7557.