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3 Pointers for Health

There’s no time like now to work on your fitness. Legacy Health and the Portland Trail Blazers want to help. So we have teamed to launch the “3 Pointers for Good Health” initiative as part of Blazers Fit Month and NBA Fit. Here are our 3 Pointers:

Exercise regularly –– Exercise is helpful for more than just losing weight. It’s a “magic pill," some doctors say, that can assist with heart health, mental health, prevention of illness, anti-aging and just make you feel better. Tip: To get started, make a goal, make a plan and make it fun. 

Eat well –– Nutrition can be complicated and often depends on your goals, your body type and your likes and dislikes. One of the things on which most experts agree is what you do eat and don’t eat can make a big difference in your fitness. Tip: Don’t get caught up in conflicting advice about what to do; keep to the basics: eat nutrition-rich foods and avoid processed ones. 

Sleep right –– Sleep plays a critical role in our health, safety and longevity. It helps with your immune system, metabolism, memory, learning and more. Some studies suggest that sleep helps your cells and tissues recover from daily life. Tip: For those of you who find it difficult to sleep, try to go to bed and get up at the same time every day. 

Supporting you

Looking for help? Legacy offers a range of services for your fitness, sports and health needs. 

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Portland Trailblazers Mascot Blaze asks
"Can you hit these 3 Pointers?"

Portland Trailblazers mascot Blaze holding 3 pointer sign