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Wade Creek Clinic

Wade Creek Clinic will be closed for the summer, from June 18-August 25.

A school and community-based health center in partnership with Legacy Health

Wade Creek Clinic offers primary care services to members of the Clackamas County community and students in the Estacada School District.  Part of the Estacada School District and in partnership with Legacy Health, the clinic offers primary care and mental health care to students in the district kindergarten through 12th grade who may have difficulty getting to or affording medical care. The clinic also serves anyone in Clackamas County who needs help during non-clinic hours.

Our purpose

Wade Creek Clinic helps keep students in class by preventing problems before they start. The clinic provides advice on prevention and wellness, including exercise, feelings, healthy body weight, healthy eating, alcohol, drugs and tobacco, brushing and flossing, healthy relationships and safety and injury prevention. The clinic reduces barriers such as cost and transportation that prevent students from seeking health services. The result is that the students stay healthier and don’t have to resort to being treated in the emergency room.

Our provider

Jerald Driskell, FNP

Our services

  • Primary care for all ages
  • Physical exams
  • Diagnosing and treating injury and illness
  • Health, fitness and nutrition education
  • Vision, dental and blood pressure screenings
  • Immunizations
  • Age-appropriate reproductive health
  • Sports physicals
  • Laboratory tests
  • Prescriptions
  • Mental or emotional health services
  • Referrals to specialty services
  • Alcohol and drug assessments
  • Future plans include dental care

Insurance and fees

The clinic works in partnership with our schools, families, health care providers and community agencies in Boring, Colton, Eagle Creek, George, Molalla and other local communities. The clinic  is funded through medical insurance, third-party insurance, Medicaid, grants, private donations and public funds.

Students who do not have insurance are asked to pay a small co-payment for care, but the clinic will not turn any student away due to inability to pay.  Providing your insurance information allows us to bill your insurance and reduces our need for public funding so we can provide service to as many as possible.

Families with no health insurance or who do not provide insurance information are referred for screening to see if they qualify for the Oregon Health Plan/Healthy Kids or other insurance program. This coverage could fully insure your child for medical, dental and emergency services. We strongly encourage you to apply for this valuable coverage.  Visit or call 1-877-314-5678.


Our partners

  • Legacy Health
  • Clackamas County Health, Housing & Human Services
  • Estacada Defy (Drug-Free Estacada Families & Youth)
  • Trilliam Family Services


Phone:  503-630-8550
Fax:  503-630-8551