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ER or Urgent Care?

Health problems don't always happen when your health care provider's office is open. When you or your child needs care, use this list to help you decide if you should go to the closest emergency department or a Legacy urgent care center in your area.

If your injury or illness isn't as urgent, you can call your primary care provider. Many clinics can see you within a day or so. If you don't have a primary care provider, call 503-335-3500 or go to to find one who is right for you.




Allergic reactions


Allergies (seasonal)


Animal / insect bite (minor)

Animal / insect bite (severe)


Asthma attack (minor)


Asthma attack (severe)


Bleeding that won't stop


Boil, abcesses, incision drainage  

Broken bone (bone sticking out of skin)


Broken bone (bone not sticking out of skin)



Burn (small)


Burn (large)


Chest pain or severe chest pressure


Confusion; disorientation

Cough, common cold, flu


Coughing or vomiting blood


Cuts (minor) and stitches removal


Dehydration, not drinking and eating


Dental pain


Difficulty breathing or shortness of breath


Dizziness, weakness or loss of coordination or balance




Eye problems (pink eye, eye irritation)




Fever not related to the common cold or flu (infants younger than 8 months old)


Fever not related to the common cold or flu (infants older than 8 months, children and adults)


Foreign object removal


Headaches and migraines


Head injury 

High blood pressure  
Infants under 8 months  



Medication refills (non-narcotic)


Poisoning  [Poison Control:  800-222-1222]


Pregnancy test


Pregnancy-related issues (pain, bleeding)




Rash with fever




Sore throat


Sprain or strain


Stomach pain (minor)    

Stomach pain (severe)


Swallowed object


Tetanus shot   

Urinary tract infection


Legacy accepts all forms of insurance. Depending on your insurance, Legacy may need to collect a co-pay at the time of your visit.