Quality Initiatives

We are proud of the quality of care we provide at Legacy Health. At the same time, we know there is additional room for improvement, and we are committed to making continuous changes to improve your overall experience.  

Big Aims

Legacy has two "Big Aims," or goals, for quality and patient safety:

  • Eliminate needless deaths
  • Eliminate preventable harm

    Since adopting these Big Aims in early 2008, we have improved patient survival by 28 percent and reduced hospital infections by 58 percent. We are continuing our work in these and other areas to ensure our care is as safe and effective as possible.

    At Legacy, we encourage clinicians, staff, leaders, and patients to help identify how care can be made even safer. We are committed to responding to this feedback, and to ongoing learning and improvement.

Legacy Quality Awards

Everyone at Legacy plays an important role in improving quality and promoting patient safety. The annual Legacy Health Quality Awards recognize and honor accomplishments of teams that have improved our clinical and administrative processes.

  •  The John G. King Awards recognize accomplishments in two categories: Clinical Quality and Process Improvement.
  • The Roger G. Larson Award recognizes improvements in Service Quality.
  • The Local Innovation Award honors unit- or area-based teams that have led successful change efforts within their own work areas and demonstrated a creative process, approach or method.

Improving safety through technology

One of the ways Legacy Health ensures patient safety is by using new technologies to improve systems and work processes. Two examples: We have a fully integrated electronic health record across all of our care settings, and we use barcoding to ensure safe medication dispensing.

Patient safety reporting

Legacy encourages reporting of safety concerns and has an automated system that makes this easy to do. Our leaders and clinical teams regularly review these reported concerns, redesigning processes and making other changes when needed to make our care safer.

Medication reconciliation

To improve care processes and meet The Joint Commission's safety goals, Legacy Health created a process to improve medication safety that was supported by a research grant from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality.

Click here to learn more information about the Medication Reconciliation project, and to view the supporting materials