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Woman loses weight, finds "happy" person

Legacy Good Samaritan Medical Center | Weight-loss Surgery, Diabetes Care

Like many morbidly obese people, Linda Moore Garrett’s struggle stemmed from depression, stress and anxiety. At 450 pounds, the mother of three rarely left her home, often unable to take the amount of steps to get out of the front door.

After feeling dizzy and faint, Linda went to see her doctor and was told she had Type 2 diabetes. The diagnosis was frightening to the 57-year-old because of her family history of the disease.

"I have family members who lost arms, legs, went blind," she says.

One morning, Linda got herself ready to go to church and after taking five steps, she couldn’t go any further, as she was short of breath and couldn’t put one foot in front of the other. She collapsed on her bed and saw her life flash before her eyes.

She knew she had to make a change. She attended a Weight Loss Surgery Information Session at Legacy Weight and Diabetes Institute, and learned about the different types of surgeries, how they work, the typical weight loss with each surgery and the benefits.

Linda spent the next year preparing for her gastric bypass by changing her diet, attending physical therapy, and meeting with Legacy nutritionists and psychologists. At the end of orientation, she was ready for surgery 52 pounds lighter.

Initially, Linda lost 223 pounds and then continued to shed weight.

“Not only did I lose the weight, I lost a depressed, sad and lonely person. I am happy to have me back," said Linda.

Now at a healthier weight, Linda has rejoined her church choir, reconnected with friends and is able to spend more time with her three children and grandchild. She can paint her toenails, do her own shopping and enjoys preparing healthy foods. She has also started doing water aerobics at the local community center. She no longer has to take medication for diabetes, and she has her confidence, independence and love of life back.


Linda Garrett Moore