Vendor Information

Legacy Health seeks to deliver high quality health care at the lowest possible cost. To achieve this, we need vendor partners who help meet our material and service needs. Please review this information carefully and follow our policies and procedures so that we may develop a mutually rewarding relationship.

If you have questions about how to become a new vendor for Legacy Health, please call our sales information line at 503-415-5931.

If you are a current vendor and have questions about conducting business with Legacy Health System, please contact:

Legacy Supply Chain Management
Legacy Health
1919 N.W. Lovejoy St.
Portland, OR 97209

 For specific information:

Purchasing objectives

Legacy Supply Chain Management is responsible for the procurement of authorized supplies, services and equipment at the best-delivered cost.

The best-delivered cost must not be confused with the lowest possible price. Legacy will not select products or services solely based on the lowest cost. All quotations and proposals will be evaluated and due diligence completed before a supplier or product will be selected. Due diligence will include, but not be limited to:

  1. cost of product or service
  2. freight
  3. packaging
  4. payment terms
  5. quality and efficiency
  6. service capabilities


    In some circumstances, it may be necessary for Legacy to establish multiple sources for supply and/or service.

    For all quotations and proposals, Legacy will apply sound business practices and judgment in making a supplier selection to achieve the optimum benefit for both parties.

    Purchasing services

    Legacy Health System conducts business on the basis of authorized purchase orders or contracts for supplies, services and equipment. Authorized purchase orders are issued only by:

    • Legacy Supply Chain Management
    • Food Services Department
    • Pharmacy Department

      Legacy is not responsible for reimbursing suppliers for unauthorized transactions.

      Group affiliation

       Legacy is a member of MedAssets Supply Chain Systems, a group purchasing and supply chain solutions company based in Alpharetta, Georgia. It is Legacy's commitment to work cooperatively with MedAssets and the vendor community in support of the overall objectives of the group purchasing concept.

      Legacy will not engage in efforts intended to, or that result in undermining the goals and objectives of group purchasing. Vendors who engage in such activities will be requested to cease from conducting business in such an inappropriate manner. 

      Minority businesses

      Legacy seeks to expand its relationships with minority owned businesses. Minority businesses will be afforded an equal opportunity to bid on supplies, services and equipment.

      Innovative ideas and programs that provide Legacy with the opportunity to conduct business with minority owned businesses are welcome and should be directed to Legacy Supply Chain Management.

      Bids & proposals

      Bids and proposals, whether solicited or unsolicited, shall be directed to Legacy Supply Chain Management. Although it is acceptable for the vendor to provide a copy of a bid or proposal directly to the Legacy department(s), commitments to proceed with product evaluation or purchase can only be made by Legacy Supply Chain Management.

      Legacy considers all bids and proposals to be confidential and for the use of Legacy in decision-making processes only.


      Evaluation of drugs may only be authorized by Legacy Supply Chain Management. Evaluations of supplies and/or equipment may only be authorized by Legacy Supply Chain Management. Any evaluations that occur without such authorization will be considered to have been unsanctioned and the results may be considered to be invalid.

      Vendor representatives supplying Legacy departments with drugs, supplies and/or equipment without an authorized purchase order or contract shall not be compensated for either the consumption of supplies or the use of the supplies and/or equipment.

      No product samples are to be distributed within a Legacy facility.

      Evaluation results and the decisions of Legacy are final. Further action on the part of a vendor representative to influence or change a decision will not be accepted and will be deemed non-compliant with this policy.


      Legacy acknowledges the value of visits by vendor representatives and Legacy staff shall determine the appropriate time, frequency and subject of any vendor visitation. Therefore, Legacy has adopted the following expectations regarding vendor representative visits.
      Legacy Supply Chain Management, Material Services Department, Pharmacy Departments, Facility Services and Food Services Departments are the contact for any vendor representatives. All vendor representative visits to any of these departments must be through scheduled appointments.

      Vendor representative visitation to other individual departments is not permitted except by the specific request of the department head or through the coordination of Legacy Supply Chain Management, Pharmacy or Food Service Departments. Prior to visiting and/or conducting business at Legacy, all vendor representatives are required to:

      • Register at the appropriate location;
      • Indicate the nature of their business;
      • Indicate whom they intend to meet;
      • Sign a Vendor Access Agreement and non-disclosure agreement (first visit only); and
      • Obtain a Legacy vendor badge.


        During any visit to a Legacy facility, vendor representatives must wear visible identification that  indicates their full name and the name of their company. Any Legacy employee is authorized to request a vendor representative to leave the premises if the vendor representative does not comply with Legacy's policy.


        The offering or giving of money, grants, services, or other things of value with the expectation of influencing the judgment or decision-making process of any purchaser, supplier, customer, government official or other person by Legacy is absolutely prohibited, regardless of the value. The offer or giving of such benefit or the demand or request for any such benefit must be reported immediately to Management Audit.

        Legacy employees are governed by a Code of Conduct Policy and a Conflict of Interest Policy. Both policies are intended to provide guidance and rules for conduct that is ethical and support Legacy's values.

        Any type of gifts or grants received from a vendor and intended for the organization must be channeled through Legacy Supply Chain Management. Such gifts are welcome and appreciated, as long as they are not associated with the purchase of products from the donating company.

        Legacy may, from time to time, solicit gifts from vendors as part of a Legacy program. Such solicitations will only be authorized by Legacy Supply Chain Management and will not obligate Legacy to any business transactions.

        Vendors in patient care areas during a procedure

        Permission for vendors to enter a patient care area is upon request of the physician performing the procedure. All vendors must obtain permission from the department manager or designee prior to the day of the procedure and before entering any patient care area.
        The primary role of the vendor in a patient care area is to provide product consultation, or to answer questions deemed essential for patient care. Under no circumstances will a vendor be permitted to:

        • Participate in hands-on delivery of patient care (e.g. scrub);
        • Operate equipment and/or administer supplies; or
        • Provide initial training of equipment and/or supplies during a procedure.


          Prior to the admission of any vendor into a patient care area, a clinical staff member must verify that patient consent concerning vendor presence has been obtained and verification is documented in the patient's medical record. Clinical staff will verify that vendor access has been approved by demonstration of proper hospital-issued identification badge.


          Pharmaceuticals: All vendor representative inservices for Legacy staff require the review and approval of Pharmacy Services.

          Other Products and Services: Inservices must be coordinated through the Legacy Supply Chain Management and the manager of the department in which the inservice will occur.

          Displays and demonstrations

          Vendor representatives are not allowed to set up displays and/or conduct demonstrations of their products in any Legacy facility without the express permission of Legacy Supply Chain Management, the Pharmacy Department or the Food Services Department (as applicable) located at the facility. Displays in any Legacy facility common areas will require the written permission of the site administrator of the specific Legacy facility.

          Common areas are defined as any area not completely within the confines of a department. This definition includes hallways, entrances, lobbies, cafeterias, general use conference rooms and any patient care areas.


          Vendor representatives are seen by Pharmacy personnel by appointment only. All appointments are scheduled by Pharmacy Services.

          Pharmaceutical vendor badges are issued by Pharmacy Services for all appointments in Legacy facilities. Badges must be returned to Pharmacy Services before leaving the Pharmacy area.

          For information about the supply and procurement of drugs, returned goods, distribition of new product information or any other drug information, appointments will be made with the Pharmacy Purchasing Specialist.

          For clinical, formulary or contract issues, the Pharmacy Purchasing Specialist will direct the
          vendor representative to the appropriate Pharmacy Manager or staff member.

          It is our intent that the vendor representative provide the Pharmacy with monograph packets for new drugs released by their companies as soon as such information is available. Vendor representatives will also provide information on changes pertaining to drugs currently available (i.e., indications, dosage, route of administration, formulation, etc.) before discussion with hospital personnel.

          Legacy Pharmacy Services manages a closed formulary system. Information about how additions are made to the formulary will be sent to the physician by the Pharmacy Purchasing Specialist upon the physician's request.


          Vendor representatives must not park in areas designated for patients and physicians. Some Legacy facilities have parking areas designated for vendor representatives. All vendor representatives are expected to use only such designated areas for parking. If the vendor representative is uncertain of where they may park, or cannot find the designated vendor parking areas, the vendor representative should contact Legacy's Security Services Department for instructions.

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