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    "Thank you for treating and caring for my mother in such a compassionate, supportive way."

    - Jan M., daughter

    Mt. Hood

Surgery can be used to diagnose, treat, or even help prevent cancer in some cases. Many people with cancer will have some type of surgery. Surgery offers the best outcome for many types of cancer.

At Legacy we offer comprehensive, technologically advanced surgical options. Our experts include surgical oncologists, reconstructive surgeons and surgeons specializing in the latest minimally invasive and robotic techniques. Our surgeons are some of the most well-respected and renowned in the region.

Special expertise

A special clinic
At Legacy Medical Group-Surgical Oncology, we understand what a challenging time this is for our patients. So we've created a unique system of patient support to make the complexities of cancer care, from coordinating insurance to understanding your medications as easy as possible. By the end of your first visit, you will have a treatment plan and your follow-up appointments will be scheduled.

Minimally invasive and robotic surgery
Less invasive surgery can often be done to remove tumors while saving as much normal tissue and function as possible. Many of our surgeons have specialized in the latest minimally invasive and robotic techniques. Benefits include a shorter recovery time and less pain.

Reconstructive (plastic) surgery
Reconstructive surgery is used to improve the way a person looks after major cancer surgery, or to restore the function of an organ or body part after surgery. Examples include breast reconstruction after mastectomy or the use of tissue flaps, bone grafts, or prosthetic (metal or plastic) materials after surgery for head and neck cancers.

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