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Hearing and Balance

What are balance services?

Physical balance is our ability to orient ourselves with our surroundings. When we are off balance, we can experience dizziness, fear of falling, staggering, tripping and hearing loss. The term "audiology" is used in reference to hearing-related balance disorders. "Vestibular" refers to the vestibular system - the system that helps us stay in balance.

Why Legacy?

Legacy can help treat and diagnose balance disorders through:

  • Legacy Rehabilitation Services
  • Clinical Audiology & Vestibular Lab

Our services

Legacy Rehabilitation Services provides help for conditions including balance strategy instruction, sensory organization training, vestibular and/or visual adaptation therapy and canalithic repositioning.

Our Clinical Audiology & Vestibular Lab's services include audiology and vestibular testing, tinnitus evaluations, custom earplugs and cerumen removal.