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Turnaround Time

Turnaround Times for Blood Bank Products and Services for Hospital Based Patients

The following guidelines for expected response or turnaround time (TAT) have been determined by the Blood Bank staff and Medical Director. Circumstances that may cause deviation from these guidelines include, but are not limited to: patient identification problems, instrument malfunctions, shortage/availability of products, heavy workload, antibody problems or delay in transportation. The turnaround time is from the time the specimen is received in the Blood Bank.

Guidelines for Typical Blood Bank Tests, Procedures and Services for Hospital Based Patients

(minimum time) 
(minimum time) 
Blood Type  30 minutes  15 minutes 
Type and Screen  2 hours  1 hour 
Type, Screen, and Crossmatch
(negative antibody screen)
2 hours 1 hour 
(antibody screen negative)
20 minutes 10 minutes 
Antibody Identification 2 hours to 2 days 
(depending on complexity)
ABORh (type) Specific 
(uncrossmatched blood)

30 minutes
Group O
(uncrossmatched blood)

15 minutes
30-45 minutes
30 minutes
(available in-house)
1 hour 30 minutes
(must order from blood supplier)
4 hours Minimum 2 hours
Cryoprecipitate  30-45 minutes  30 minutes 

Guidelines for Special Circumstances and Pediatrics for Hospital Based Patients

Note: For TATs for MTP/Trauma, please refer to MTP protocol 915.6149 and/or Blood Bank Policy BB.0230.

(minimum time
(minimum time) 
ABO, Rh, DAT 30 minutes  15 minutes 
RhIG Workup and Fetal Screen  2 hours  1 hour 
Antibody Titration  2 hours to 2 days   
Washing RBC's   1 hour (per unit)  45 minutes (per unit) 
Splitting or Dosing Products  30-45 minutes  25 minutes 
ECMO Setup    1.5 hours 
Exchange Transfusion    2 hours 

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Blood Bank Orders

Clot to Hold: Order if low likelihood of transfusion. Provides appropriately labeled blood sample tube to the Blood Bank. Sample is good for three days.

Type and Screen: Order if low to moderate likelihood of transfusion. Provides blood type and antibody screen. If antibody is identified, the patient will get antigen negative blood available in case transfusion is ordered in the future. If antibody screen is negative, can crossmatch blood for patient in 20 minutes (routine) or 10 minutes (STAT). Sample is good for three days.

Type and Crossmatch: Order if moderate to high likelihood of transfusion, or transfusion is imminent. Provides blood type and antibody screen. Actual units are tested and set aside for the patient. Units are kept ready for three days.

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