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Latest LabAlerts:   

Update: Discontinuing of P2Y12 Inhibitor and Aspirin Testing - November 2019

Update: Cardiolipin Antibodies - October 2019

Update: Orderable for Flow Cytometry Studies - October 2019

Update: Beta-2 Glycoprotein 1 Antibodies - October 2019


Helpful Documents:

Time Sensitive Specimen Processing - assure specimens maintain stability and quality from draw to testing.

Swab Collection Guide - ensure correct swab is used during collection of various culture types.

Collection Tube Requirements - recommended order of draw and tube types for commonly ordered tests.

Ordering Supplies - guide to what supply services we offer and how to order supplies

Courier Services: Priority Handling - guide to how specimen transport is handled based on priority

Specimen Labeling Guidelines properly labeled specimens ensure patient safety and timely processing

Marking Specimen Bags - correctly marked specimen bags help your courier transport specimens optimally

Patient Service Centers: Patients with No Orders - timely submission of lab orders ensures better patient care and reduced wait times at our PSCs