RBC Folate


RBC Folate, Hematocrit

Specimen Collection Requirements


Whole Blood, two lavender (EDTA) top tubes. Two tubes are required if a hematocrit result performed within 24 hours of collection is not submitted with the order. See Handling section below for more detail.


FIRST Lavender Top Tube:


Used for RBC Folate testing. Protect from light during collection, storage and shipment.


Specimen must be well-mixed and transferred to an amber plastic vial (preferred) before freezing or to an aliquot tube protected from light. Freeze immediately. CRITICAL FROZEN.


Glass vacutainers are not suitable for freezing and transport.


SECOND Lavender Top Tube:


Used for hematocrit testing. Refrigerate. (See Notes section under Testing Information below for explanation.)


NOTE: Separate samples must be submitted in plastic container when multiple tests are ordered.

Preferred Volume

1.0 mL whole blood

Minimum Volume

0.2 mL


One EDTA lavender whole blood frozen and protected from light, one EDTA lavender whole blood refrigerated

Rejection Criteria

Nonfrozen or clotted specimens


Ambient: 2 hours; Refrigerated: 4 hours; Frozen: 2 months

Testing Information


Hematocrit must be performed and indicated on the test request form. If the patient has not received a transfusion or experienced excessive bleeding between the RBC folate draw and the hematocrit draw, any hematocrit drawn within 24 hours of the RBC folate draw is acceptable.


If hematocrit value is not known, a generic hematocrit value will be applied to calculate RBC Folate levels. The final calculated result may thus not correspond to the actual RBC level if the patient has received a transfusion, experienced excessive bleeding prior to RBC Folate specimen collection, or if the patient’s hematocrit is significantly affected by other medical condition.


7 days/week


3-5 days


Chemiluminescent Immunoassay

Referral Lab

ARUP (70385)

Reference Values

Reference Values

Greater than or equal to 366 ng/mL

CPT Codes


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