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Anti Xa - Anti Ten A - Anti-Heparin XA


The type of heparin the patient is receiving must be noted. The specific type must be provided in order to perform the testing. The heparin types include unfractionated or specified brand of low molecular weight heparin (i.e., Dalteparin, Fragmin, Enoxaparin, Lovenox). If low molecular weight heparin is being used, then the brand name, last dose and mode of infusion must be on all orders.

Anticoagulants not listed above cannot be measured with this assay.

Testing for Rivaroxaban (Xarelto), Apixaban (Eliquis), Dabigatran, Fondaparinux will be sent to a Referral lab.

There is no testing available for other formularies.

Specimen Collection Requirements


Whole Blood or Plasma, one light blue (3.2% buffered sodium citrate) top tube


The specimen must be transported to the processing laboratory within 60 minutes of venipuncture. If the specimen cannot be processed within 1 hour of collection, the patient should be sent to a specimen collection site, capable of processing the sample as outlined in Coagulation Specimen Collection Guidelines. The specimen must be transported and labeled STAT regardless of test priority to ensure timeliness of reporting. Please ensure that the sample bag, requisition and/or transfer list has a STAT sticker.

Preferred Volume

One 2.7 mL whole blood or two 1.0 mL frozen plasma aliquots

Minimum Volume

One 1.8 mL whole blood or one 1.0 mL frozen plasma aliquot


Plasma: Frozen, aliquot must remain frozen during storage and shipment

Rejection Criteria

Whole Blood Refrigerated (2-8°C), samples not processed and/or transported as required, clotted samples, samples collected in containers other than 3.2% buffered sodium citrate, tubes filled less than 90%, samples from patients with a Hematocrit greater than 55%, hemolyzed samples due to ex-vivo causes (i.e., difficult draw, poor sample draw), whole blood samples that were frozen before processing


WHOLE BLOOD: Ambient: 1 hour

PLASMA: Ambient: 2 hours; Frozen (-20°C): 2 weeks, Frozen (-70°C): 6 months

Testing Information


Legacy Emanuel Lab 24/7


24 hours (Routine)
1-2 hours (STAT-from time of receipt in lab)



Reference Values

CPT Codes


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