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Leukoreduced Red Cells - Packed Red Cells - PRBC - Packed Cells - RBC


ABO and Rh type, antibody screen (antibody identification if indicated), and crossmatch.

Blood Product


Anticoagulated whole blood with most of the plasma removed, for a final volume of approximately 330 mL and hematocrit of 55-65%.

Patient Preparation

Patient must be properly identified before blood product administration. See the LHS Blood Administration policy.


Stored continuously at 1-6°C


42 days, unless irradiated or prepared in an open system; Irradiated: 28 days; Open system: 24 hours


24 hours are desirable for routine compatibility testing. In emergency situations, Group O blood can be released in 10 minutes without a crossmatch for adults; longer, if specialty blood products are requested. Type specific blood is available in 20 minutes. A routine crossmatch requires a minimum of 2 hours. Additional time should be allowed for patients known to be sensitized to red cell antigens. Time is needed when unanticipated problems, arise, e.g. positive antibody screen, which will require antibody identification.


Red Blood Cells must be ABO and Rh compatible. A crossmatch is necessary unless life-threatening urgency exists. Packed cells should be administered through a filter. Blood not checked out to a monitored refrigerator or under wet ice must be returned within 20 minutes, if not transfused.


Symptomatic anemia not treatable with diet/medication. Leukoreduced red blood cells may be utilized when a CMV reduced-risk product is warranted.


Flow rate can be improved by use of a larger infusion needle or by infusion with normal 0.9% saline. Do not use Ringers or glucose in water!


As needed for replacement. Adults: 1 unit will increase hematocrit 3%, hemoglobin 1 g/dL. Infants: 10-20 mL/kg will increase hemoglobin 2-3 g/dL.


Must be administered with an in-line (170-260 micron) filter. Must be transfused within 4 hours. If patient requires a slower transfusion rate, request a split product so each portion may be transfused separately and within 4 hours.

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