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Employee benefits

Flexible spending accounts

Pre-tax accounts for special expenses

Here's a benefit you can really appreciate, because it helps you save money. Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) allow you to set aside part of your salary before income taxes are assessed to pay for certain expenses. As this lowers your taxable income, your overall taxes will be lower, which can mean more spendable income each month. Legacy offers two types of FSAs: a Healthcare Spending Account and a Dependent Care Account.

Health care spending account

A health care spending account allows you to use before-tax dollars to pay for certain eligible expenses not covered by Legacy’s medical, prescription, dental and vision plans. This includes medical, prescription, dental and vision deductibles and co-payments, plus over-the-counter medications that cure or prevent a medical condition, such as antacids, allergy medications, cold and flu medications, pain relievers and first aid supplies.

Dependent care spending account

Funds you contribute to a Dependent Care Spending Account each year can be used to pay childcare expenses for children under age 13, or caretaker expenses for a disabled spouse or dependent parents. Eligible expenses include the cost of care at qualified care centers and/or from individuals (not family members) who provide care inside or outside your home.


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