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Employee benefits

Gifted Paid Leave

Generosity and support of coworkers

Legacy employees support their peers. The Gifted Paid Leave (GPL) program was developed in response to employees' requests to help co-workers who have an unexpected need for additional time off.

Regular full-time and part-time Legacy employees earn Annual Paid Leave (APL) for their use for vacations, a day off here and there, holidays or in case they get sick. (There are some exceptions for union employees - check your contract.) New full-time employees earn 22 APL days a year. The longer you work for Legacy, the more APL you are entitled to earn, up to 38 days a year.

The Gifted Paid Leave (GPL) program allows eligible employees to donate APL to another Legacy employee who is in a regular full- or part-time position. Under this program, if one of your co-workers has a family emergency or is diagnosed with a condition that requires time off work for treatment, you are able to voluntarily donate some of your APL as a gift to help them through a difficult time. The GPL application form is available in the HR forms areas at Legacy locations.



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