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Employee benefits

Retirement plan

Legacy's retirement plans

Legacy's Retirement Plans give you the opportunity to build your retirement savings during your Legacy career. Our retirement programs, along with Social Security, will help ensure your comfortable retirement.

Cash balance pension benefit

Legacy provides pension benefits through the Employees Retirement Plan at no cost to you. You are 100 percent vested after three years of eligible service. Your benefit is based on your salary and years of service. At retirement, you can choose to receive your benefit as an annuity or as a lump sum payment.

403(b) retirement savings plan

You have the option to participate actively in your retirement savings through the 403(b) Plan by directing a portion of your salary each pay period into an investment account. Because this is a pre-tax withholding, you pay less in taxes now while building a nest egg for the future. And if you leave Legacy before retirement, your entire contribution stays with you, either as a lump sum payment or rolled over into another account.

Matched savings plan

Another big benefit of participating in the 403(b) Retirement Savings Plan is that one year's participation makes you eligible for Legacy's Matched Savings Plan. This plan matches a percentage of your own contribution, up to a certain level, with free money from Legacy that goes into an investment account in your name.

The amount of the match depends on your years of service and how much you contribute. If you leave Legacy before retirement, your vested amount is either paid to you in a lump sum or transferred to a direct roll-over account.


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