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2017 New Paradigms in Obesity Management

  • DownloadMetabolically normal and abnormal obesity - Samuel Klein, M.D.
  • DownloadManaging obesity in primary care - Eric MacEvoy, M.D.
  • DownloadPharmacotherapy for obesity - Samuel Klein, M.D.
  • DownloadPatient selection, surgery complications & post-op management - Valerie Halpin, M.D.
  • DownloadLABS work on alcohol, drug use and smoking - Bruce Wolfe, M.D.
  • DownloadObesity initiatives and community partnerships - Luci Longoria, MPH
  • DownloadThe Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) - Kelly Laschkewitsch, R.D., MPH
  • DownloadTranslating dietary recommendations for weight loss into real world practice - Bianca Wyatt, R.D., CNSC
  • DownloadMotivational interviewing and communication around obesity - Sarah Gregg, LCSW