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Internet and enduring materials guidelines


  • Compliance with ACCME's Essential Areas, Elements, and Policies.
  • The hardware and software required for the learner to participate must be identified at the start of each Internet CME activity.
  • A contact must be identified for the learner to be able to ask questions about the Internet CME activity.
  • The policy on privacy and confidentiality that relates to the CME activities provided on the Internet may be found at Privacy Statement.
  • Internet activities must document ownership of copyright, or demonstrate that the provider has received permissions for use of, or is otherwise permitted to use copyrighted materials within a CME activity on the Internet.
  • CME activities shall not appear on a pharmaceutical or device manufacturer's product website.
  • Links from a Legacy Health CME sponsored activity to pharmaceutical and device manufacturers' product web sites are only permitted before or after the educational content of the CME activity, but shall not be embedded in the educational content of a CME activity.
  • There shall be clear notification that the learner is leaving the educational web site.
  • Advertising of any type is prohibited within the educational content of CME activities on the Internet including, but not limited to, banner ads, subliminal ads and pop-up window ads.

Enduring Materials

Enduring materials are printed, audio, video or electronic activities, including internet, computer-assisted instruction, and broadcast activities. To be designated for credit, enduring materials must:

  • Comply with the guidelines for Category I activities
  • Disclose principal speakers and their credentials
  • Disclose contributor support
  • Have estimate of time to complete the educational activity
  • Provide access to supplemental materials to reinforce and clarify specific information
  • Medium or combination of media used
  • Record and verify participation
  • Be evaluated at least once every three years, or more frequently if indicated by new scientific developments
  • Date of original release
  • Most recent review or update
  • Termination date

Providers of enduring materials must communicate the above information to participants so that they are aware of this information prior to starting the educational activity.