Children, teens and families who have triumphed over cancer often need extra help to be at their best afterward.

As part of our Children's Cancer and Blood Disorders Program at Randall Children's Hospital, the KITE Clinic offers patients and their families a personalized plan and ongoing services to help manage long-term or chronic conditions related to cancer or its treatment.


KITE stands for Knowledge and Inspiration After Treatment Ends, and that's just what our pediatric specialists provide — in a single, coordinated office visit. We help patients with:

  • Physical health. Each survivor receives an easy-to-understand summary of all their treatments and how those treatments might affect their future health. Every patient also leaves the clinic with a customized survivorship plan that includes recommendations for future cancer screening and advice on health issues to monitor. During the clinic visit, we help our patients with healthy eating, fitness and other ways to stay well and feel well, including referral to our Fresh Start nutrition program.
  • Mental and emotional health. The transition to life after cancer can be tough for some kids. We coach and support patients and families through this time and help them develop the skills they need to adapt.
  • School and work. Survivors may struggle with school or work after treatment because of changes in memory, ways of learning, and ability to concentrate and focus. Our specialists help patients rise to meet these challenges.

A coordinated team of experts

During a KITE Clinic visit, our patients and their families meet with:

  • A pediatric oncology doctor or nurse practitioner
  • A social worker specializing in children and medical issues
  • A neuropsychologist
  • A pediatric dentist
  • A school teacher
  • A dietitian

We may also refer patients to other experts knowledgeable about the specific needs of childhood cancer survivors. They include specialists in:

  • Fertility
  • Cardiology
  • Hearing
  • Vision
  • Endocrinology

Who is eligible?

The KITE Clinic is open to children and families who have been off cancer therapy for at least two years, including adults who are survivors of childhood cancer.

Please access our clinic questionnaire here

KITE Clinic visits are usually covered by insurance, but do require a referral and pre-authorization. Our team is more than happy to assist with this.

Please note: Survivors of childhood brain or spinal cord cancers receive specialized services through the Randall Children's Neuro-Oncology Clinic

To learn more or make a referral, call 503-276-9300

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