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 How to get medical and billing records

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For patients (or patient reprensentatives as defined by HIPAA) only 

By Mail or Fax:

Requesting medical or billing records requests for yourself

Requesting medical or billing records requests of others (third-party requests)

First, please read these instructions. Then the patient must sign the below completed form.

Note: If someone other than the patients sign this form, the requester must include proof that they are legally allowed to sign for and make health care choices for the patient. An attorney for the patient is not a personal representative under HIPAA unless specifically appointed to make health care decisions for the patient. 

Request for amendment of Protected Health Information

Where to send completed forms

Mail to:
Legacy Health 
Release of Information Department 
P.O. Box 2868 
Portland, OR 97208 

Fax to:

Birth certificates

Hospitals do not issue birth certificates. Learn how to request these in Oregon and Washington.


Ask for the Release of Information Department.