X-rays for Children 

X-rays are safe and painless, but they can still be intimidating to a child. The specialists at Randall Children’s work with children on a regular basis, so they are able to provide expert care while eliminating fear. You’ll have peace of mind knowing our pediatric radiologists and the Randall Care team provide the best possible experience for your child, high-quality imaging for a timely diagnosis and support for you and your family.  

What Can You Expect?

Be sure to follow all instructions you receive prior to your appointment. It’s important that your child dresses in loose clothing and doesn’t wear jewelry or anything with metal. Write down information on any medications your child is taking and any known allergies.  

When you arrive for the X-ray, our expert team will encircle you and your child with care. You can be assured that we have your child’s physical, emotional and mental wellbeing in mind, and will take great care to make the X-ray a stress-free experience. 

How to Prepare Your Child

Assure your child that this process will be quick with little to no discomfort. Depending on the area to be X-rayed, they may have to lie on a table or stand tall.  

They will have to remain still, and they might be asked to hold their breath for a short period of time. If they feel scared, you will be near-by. When everything is ready, a specialist will take a few black-and-white digital pictures.  

And just like that, it’s done! 

What Happens Next? 

The images are reviewed, and reports are sent to the ordering provider for review within 24 hours. It may take up to a week to be shared with you by your provider.  

Scheduling Imaging

Imaging has one centralized number and you can select the site convenient for you or based on the support services needed for your child.  

Oregon: 503-413-7800 
Washington: 360-487-1800   

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