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We provide resources to keep your family safe and sound at home and at play. Here you can learn more about:

  • Crying babies and shaken baby prevention 
  • Car seat safety
  • Burn prevention
  • Poison prevention

Learn how to prevent injuries

Safety tips & tools

Our award-winning programs provide tools like checklists and tip sheets to keep your family safe and sound at home and at play: 

  • Babysitter checklist 
  • Emergency consent form 
  • Home safety checklist 
  • Safe sleep for infants and crib safety standards
  • Window safety checklist
Stay safe with these checklists

Safety classes and programs

We provide a range of classes to support you and your family. Our classes include:

  • Baby safe classes
  • CPR & AED classes
  • Helmet safety clinics
  • Teen driving classes & workshops
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Off to a healthy start with immunizations

Immunizations are a proven way to protect yourself and your family against many diseases. Age-appropriate immunization starts at birth and continues through adulthood, with special emphasis through age two. Ask your child's care team about the best immunizations for your child.