How to support my child 

You love your child and you want them to be happy and secure. As a parent, you may be overwhelmed by their desire to transition. That’s natural. Our goal is to help you move into a position where you can support your child on this journey. Our team at the Transgender Clinic (T-Clinic) is here to provide medical and behavioral support so your family can make the best decisions, as you find the right path for your child. 


What to expect at Your first visit

Each gender journey is unique, but they all begin with us getting to know your child and their family. As you start along this path with your child, you both will meet with a doctor and a behavioral health professional at the T-Clinic. We may look at medical records and take some lab work or X-rays. All of this will help us to create a personalized path for your child’s journey.


FAQ for families 

Be well informed as you accompany your child on their path.


FAQ for patients 

Help your child prepare for the many aspects of their transition.


Get Connected & Stay Informed   

MyHealth gives you access to your child's medical records. View test results, diagnoses, medications, follow-up instructions, make an appointment, and more.   

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