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Support Services

Pet therapy cheers our young cancer patients. At Randall Children's Hospital we care for the whole child, including their emotional, social and developmental needs. Below are just a few of our services that support patients and families.

Child Life
A compassionate and comprehensive approach that helps kids be kids, even when they're healing. 

Learn more about our Child Life Program

Educators from the Multnomah Education Service District provide educational activities in a classroom or at your child's bedside. They will also coordinate schoolwork with his or her school. This program helps your child go back to class, without falling behind. It supports siblings, too.

Music Rx® Program
MyMusicRx delivers the healing power of music to kids facing cancer and other serious illnesses. Bedside and digital programs engage hospitalized children of all ages and diagnoses, relieving stress, anxiety, and perception of pain.

Survivorship Services
Our KITE Clinic offers individualized care after treatment ends for as long as our patients need us. We help your child manage any symptoms or side effects during and after treatment.

For families

Help for Out-of-Town Families
We offer a variety of resources for patients from out of town, including the Ronald McDonald House-East, a "home away from home" for families and their seriously ill or injured children who must travel far to receive treatment.

Family Wellness Center
We know being a full-time caregiver is hard work, and also that children recover faster when their parents stay close by. Because want parents to take care of themselves, as well as their children, Randall Children's Hospital has a state-of-the-art wellness Center and shower facilities.

Family Lantern Lounges
Kitchenettes and comfortable lounge areas open 24-7. Toys and games are available for families and visitors.