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Children's Day Surgery

Children aren't just "miniature grown-ups," they are emotionally and physically different than adults. Our pediatric specialists understand those differences and work with nurses and staff to offer the best care available in the most kid-friendly environment.


Surgery at Randall Children's Hospital

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    Welcome to Randall Children's Hospital, a special place just for kids.

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    When you arrive at the hospital, you will check in at Main Admitting.

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    Then you will go to Children's Surgery, where you will get a bracelet with your name and birthday on it. Your parents will get matching bracelets.

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    Next you will go to your room, where you will put on your hospital pajamas. Then your nurse will measure your height and weight.

  • 5

    Your nurse will help you get ready for surgery and will do a quick check-up.

  • 6

    In your room, you can watch TV, choose a movie or use the Internet on the GetWell Network.

  • 7

    Or, you may decide to visit our playroom, where you will find video games and other activities.

  • 8

    We also have cars and wagons to keep you busy.

  • 9

    You might have a small plastic tube in your hand or arm to give your body some fluids and medicine. This is called an IV.

  • 10

    Before surgery, you will have time to talk to your doctors. They will answer any questions you have. The doctor wears special clothes - called scrubs - and a surgical hat.

  • 11

    When it's time, you will take a ride in your bed to the surgery area. Your parents will come with you. If you have a special toy or blanket, you can bring it too!

  • 12

    A doctor, called an anesthesiologist, will help you fall asleep by having you breathe through a special mask.

  • 13

    When you wake up, your nurse will give you a popsicle or something to drink. We will make sure you're comfortable after surgery and may give you some medicine to make you feel better.

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    When you are ready to go home, you can ride out of the hospital in a wheelchair or ...

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    ... in one of our special wagons!

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What we do

All procedures or surgeries for kids start in the Day Surgery Department. We offer inpatient and outpatient services, from surgery preparation through recovery and discharge for children from birth through age 17. Every aspect of our service is focused on making your child feel comfortable and safe. Our pediatric specialists are trained in the practice and art of "distraction techniques" to make procedures easier for children.

Our pediatric anesthesiologists are all medical doctors, many of whom are fellowship trained in pediatric anesthesiology. In addition, all of our nurses are trained and certified in Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS).

Child Life services

We understand that being at the hospital can be scary for kids. That's why Day Surgery works with our Child Life program to support your child every step of the way. Our Child Life staff members are experts in child development. They help kids manage any anxiety they might have by preparing them for surgery or hospitalization. Children typically process life through play so our experts use play as a part of this process. Child Life supports children emotionally through their whole experience and can also help patient's siblings. Beginning at the pre-admission process, parents can schedule a tour for through Child Life.

Helping kids heal

Top to bottom, our building is designed to promote your child's comfort and healing. We've incorporated data from evidence based design into every aspect of our hospital. These design elements include innovations that create a peaceful, soothing environment shown to help young patients heal faster. Our Day Surgery department offers:

  • Private rooms located on the same level as our operating suites for our patient's convenience.
  • A playroom
  • The GetWell Network-an "infotainment" network that provides movies, video games, and entertainment
  • A comfortable environment for family members to be with their child through the entire stay
  • Operating suites with the new STEALTH system-a Medtronic Navigation Technology used for orthopedic surgery and neurosurgery. Images are projected through a satellite to pinpoint the affected area.
  • Minimally invasive surgical instruments that are specially designed and sized for children. 

Day Surgery is dedicated to offering the safest, most comfortable environment for your child and family before, during and after surgery.

Getting ready for surgery

To prepare for surgery, go here or download our fact sheet.